Democratic Civic Education

Prosvasi devoted to its goal of supporting education on democratic civic values implements workshops and educational trainings that are built at the core of participation, inclusion, empowerment, and trust in representative democracy.

The trainings concern all citizens but especially the youth, marginalized and underrepresented communities, and people coming from disadvantageous backgrounds with limited knowledge on the political system.

Core belief of our organization is that education must be experienced in order to be taught. Thus, our educational courses are developed based on a progressive vision of innovative methods, that deviate from the traditional classroom concept and its compulsory setting, and are based on collaboration and open interaction.

The content and training material is developed by our organization’s skilled political scientists, designed to address current global trends and challenges, enriched with regional views, and reflecting the diversity of its’ participants.

Specifically during the courses the participants will be able to:

  • Be educated on their fundamental rights, responsibilities and duties as legal citizens within their nations but also as citizens of the world.

  • Be educated in the political process and in voting in national and local elections.

  • Learn why coming together is important in order to support and not constantly challenge the existing political authorities/ democratically elected government.

  • Develop positive attitudes and set common goals when interacting

  • Deliberate with diverse groups of people

  • Have the opportunity to build constructive arguments

  • Protect minority beliefs by giving voice to minorities and underrepresented groups

  • Learn how to approach controversial topics by incorporating dissent and conflict in discussions in a meaningful way

  • Advance critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making

  • Work towards making behavioral changes: Learn to experience Democracy in everyday life and thus internalize it. Moving from traditional education toward modern, improved transformative trends

  • Become active citizens: be responsible for making sure that policies are implemented. Actively promoting democratic ideas and values by engaging in public deliberations on crucial matters and reforms, supporting movements and participating in demonstrations.

  • Become transforming citizens: They will learn how to move forward, challenge traditional structures and be able to take action beyond conventional authority.

In order to implement and promote this action Prosvasi collaborates with regional and national stakeholders.