Sustainable energy communities

Prosvasi, considering and recognizing the effects and impact of the current European energy crisis is investigating ways and means to support European and mostly Greek citizens and households that are experiencing energy poverty in order to provide them with access-prosvasi to sufficient energy solutions and to support a mind-shifting towards sustainability and smart energy management. Prosvasi, in consideration of our country’s special needs and responsibilities, will proceed with the following activities:

  • Advance Citizen Education through interactive online workshops that build up knowledge and raise awareness around climate change, summer energy poverty, and their effect on human health and our planet. With the help of experts in the field, participants will be able to learn their responsibilities around the matter and how can they bring positive change within their communities.

  • Develop a Library of training material for volunteers and energy poverty agents: with the support of academic professionals and people at the grassroots that are working with the community as volunteers or collaborating directly with NGOs we will provide the scientific knowledge needed as well as implement techniques that could be crucial in fighting energy poverty.

  • Co-creation of fuel methodology: advancing Prosvasi’s mission in establishing a pathway and participating in the decision-making, we are working together with public institutions and the civil society towards creating a common framework, that will address the issue and layout solutions for tackling summer energy poverty.

  • Facilitate behavioral changes through raising awareness on summer energy poverty and the implementation of low-cost energy efficiency measures tailored for energy-poor households