Management Board

Prosvasi's Management Board is composed of the Director, the Secretary General, and the Funds and Programme Officer.


Projects department: The Projects department defines and maintains standards for project management. It provides guidance and standards in the execution of projects and creates tangible goals, aligned with the overall organization's vision, ensuring that all targets are met. Also, the department offers support and undertakes the preparation, coordination and development of potential project proposals, while at the same time undertakes part of the projects’ implementation. It consists of skilled personnel with long experience in proposal preparation and implementation, both in terms of writing and project management.

Public Relations & Communications department

The Public Relations and Communications department supervises and assesses public attitudes, maintaining mutual relations and understanding between the organization and its public. It improves channels of communication and institutes new ways of setting up a two-way flow of information and understanding. It is responsible for the outreach of Prosvasi’s results and activities, by using various communication techniques (e.g., social media, press releases, raising awareness campaigns etc.)

Financial and Administrative department

The main role of the Financial and Administrative department is to enforce the organization’s staff to adhere to the organization's financial and administrative policies. The Financial and Administrative department is the main custodian of all activities monitoring and providing expense scenarios to the Management Board. It also provides administrative and technical support in the areas of human resources (HR), budgetary, strategic planning, legal affairs, calls for tenders, facilities and security. Moreover, some duties may include fielding telephone calls, receiving and directing visitors, word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations, and filing.

Community Engagement and Volunteering department
The Community Engagement and Volunteering department supports civic commitment activities. It coordinates, assists in, and initiates broader civic engagement projects intended to act as a driver of change in European local communities. It undertakes and supports outreach and service projects, targeting specific groups of people, to maximize its results and effects. Moreover, it focuses on youth involvement, education, and active student participation. It promotes social engagement and active citizenship through awareness raising and capacity building. The department aims at providing an active community of volunteers to facilitate activities e.g., at a local food bank, animal shelter or homeless shelter, maintaining a community garden, participating in a local blood drive, providing assistance to marginalized people etc.

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