Today, trust in representative democracy and institutions has considerably dropped due to major structural societal transformations at national, European and global level. These have been responsible for decreasing voter turnout at elections, dropping partisan membership, growing feelings of insecurity among the population and fear for what the future might bring. The divide between the citizens and the state and institutions has further widened after the implementation of an austerity agenda under the financial crisis, the succumbing of European solidarity during the so-called refugee crisis, the wave of insecurity prompted by the Brexit, and more recently, the global climate and health crises.

Tomorrow - Our Vision:

An open, safe, sustainable, democratic and conscious society by:

  • Changing power dynamics and perceptions around 21st Century Democracy.

  • Enhancing an educated civil society, actively involved in decision-making.

  • Bringing people to the center of the public sphere, through direct access to the "political".

  • Relying on and contributing to the Global Goals (SDGs), to progress and increase their impact and effectiveness.

To do so, Prosvasi has established a network of communities of experience to work for a better and more participatory future and support a new push for European democracy via inclusive, intersectional and accessible deliberation and participation procedures.