What is Prosvasi ?

Prosvasi ("access" in Greek) is a civil society organisation enveloping an extensive network of citizens, activists, non-formal groups, local, regional and national actors, researchers and high-level academics across Europe, aiming for a new narrative for the European Democracy and inclusive, intersectional, accessible and sustainable societies for all.

Prosvasi is active since 2018, acting as a non-formal group of individuals, researchers and institutional links. In 2022, Prosvasi has been transformed into its current official form, setting concrete stones and securing the upscale of its activities as well as the real and impactful exploitation of current and future opportunities.

Prosvasi Community of Stakeholders

Prosvasi is a civil society organisation whose members have access to information, research and funding opportunities, to a network of international change-makers, while can also join or initiate activities relevant to Prosvasi's area of action.

As a Prosvasi member, you

  • can participate in a multidisciplinary community, our activities and events

  • are listed in the membership directory and benefit from the networking, mentoring and guidance in the areas of expertise

  • participate in Prosvasi research contests and innovative projects

  • share your perceptions and voice-enhancing participation and deliberation

  • receive the monthly e-newsletter with our news, activities and opportunities for active participation

  • receive support in citizen engagement initiatives and your own initiatives by capitalising on the expertise of PSAB