Our Goals

Prosvasi’s goals for an improved citizen consciousness:

  • Enhance and strengthen the participation of citizens and marginalised communities to democratic processes (direct participatory processes) at all levels and support the constant adaptation of those processes by identifying new needs, gaps, technologies, types, tools, uses and forms of participation in different governance levels.

  • Raise awareness and communicate innovative solutions.

  • Foster participation in deliberation activities that bring about solutions and create the appropriate framework for future policies at a local, national and EU level.

  • Make meaningful, legitimate and viable social change.

  • Focus on political transparency and addressing corruption and inequality.

  • Develop co-creation of policy-making, thus ensuring a higher level of morality and accountability of both citizens and the political system.

  • Help people better understand their rights and responsibilities as active citizens within their communities.

  • Bridge the communication gaps of the scientific community with the general public.

  • Provide pathways for raising awareness and communication of the needs of citizens, in a variety of social, political, economic, environmental and cultural issues.